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Nihil Morari

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"See me"
"Hear me"
"Need me"
Some things will never change
"Touch me"
"Heal me"
Mankind remains the same

Now everything bears our name
While Earth is bleeding
Nothing will remain
Nothing prevails

We were stuck in this world of change
Expecting it to remain
Now nothing is left unstained


When there's nothing more that we can trade
Or sell

When there's nothing whole because we took it apart
Just left
Moved on

When there's nothing left for us to break
Or rape

Then you're free to count how much you saved

I can see the ways we fail
I can see us fall so easily
A structure far too frail
I can see 40,000 years of knowledge and history
Invested in this child
Spoiled and stained by proud divinity
Gaining at best the perspective and wisdom
Of not even a fleeting century

We have now reached the final ten thousandth of a second
of our evolutionary year, as we hit 2,000 at a birth rate
of 250 people a minute

Tell me
How are we supposed to survive?
If we're acting like fools
All dropping dead to stay alive?
Someone tell me
Please just show me
If there's nothing to do, God we'll turn to you
But if we're an image of you
I reckon you are just as puzzled and ugly too

You think we have developed fast; that we're civilized and intelligent
I'll let you in on a secret: we have developed Things!
The rest is simply knowledge passed on
(I can see us drain this world
I can see us buying loss too cheap
Terra Sterilia washing its bronken hand of us now
Creation's blackest sheep!)
Hell, 99% of humanity couldn't put together a simple light bulb if you
put a gun to their heads!
And the intellect rubs off on fear

The year 2,010 AD: 6,823 Million people
2,020 AD: 7,518 Million people
2,030 AD: 8,140 Million people
2,040 AD: 8,668 Million people
2,050 AD: 9,104 Million people

I can see us read the signs
But spell them out in backward travesty
I see us close our eyes
To all the wounds that we inflict to this world by being "free"
We love this world to death
Purchasing our lifestyles with our lives
Defending our momentarily nations
With the loss of our priceless earthly home

It's not hard to reach the top
It's not hard not knowing when to stop
It's not hard to take all
Not very difficult to fly if you settle for a fall
It's not hard to cross a line
It's not hard to push and go to far
Some creatures cannot climb
Then there are us who cannot even learn how to stay alive

I'm sorry!
For the things we did and did not do
Forgive us; the fools that rushed ahead without a clue
I am sorry
Please forgive us
For this human lack of humanity
This evolutionary travesty
This tragedy called "Man"
...called "Man"...

I'm sorry!
For the things we did and didn't do
Forgive us; the fools that rushed ahead without a single clue
...without a single clue...
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