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The Big Machine

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'...and he actually held up the weapon before our eyes, and there, dressed
in a suit and tie, he smiled and told us with pride in his voice that "this
model was largely represented in the Gulf war!".
He was so very proper and clean. And so alarmingly blind!'

Welcome inside the machine
It hurts!
Go numb, go blind...
One's drilling out a pipe
One adjusts the aim
One makes trigger parts
Weapons as a game!

All trapped in killing routine
Washed clean...
...by this machine

On these grey walls
Lovely pictures of the weapons we produce
But not their actions...

All are part of the big Machine
We do our job

But what if we save?
And what if we solve?
And what if we build?
And what...

...what if we lose control?
What if we lose control?
What if we lose control?
What if we lose control?

(I am just a wheel!)

...and what if we ...stop?
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