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Don't forget what you know.

A man told me, I should be counting my blessings.
To wrap my head around
Everything that I've got.
But I'm a pessimist at best,
My vision's blinded by the rest
Of what I've lost. Oh I'm so lost.

This is where we are,
And all the things I've seen
That's got me here thus far.
So don't tell me I'm sinking.

I'll keep my head above the bay.
I will drown another day.
And when the skies roll out the darkest days,
I will shout and I will say,
You've made a grave but I won't lay.
Oh there's no way.
No I'm not dying, no I'm not dying today.

You better shape up
Or you're bound to ship out.
My father told me "Son, it's time to figure your life out"
But I'm resisting from arrest,
I know there's more to me than this
I swear I know, but what do I know?

Cause' I've got something more.
Oh you're not gonna win.
My back is stronger and it's not gonna bend.
Oh you're not gonna win.
You're never gonna make me fall down again.
I'll never fall again.
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