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The city

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You know I hate to see you crying
But when you open up to me
I take you in my arms
Wish you the top
Top top top top of the morning

No I don’t care bout cash
Nor Career your Losses
Or your arrears
I’ll take you in my arms
Wish you the top
Top top top
Of the morning

I won’t let this city destroy
My love
Wont let no mistake take the
Roof from off our heads
No I wont let this city destroy us
Won’t let this city destroy our love

Come on talk to me
Let me shed some light through this
Dark help you see how darling
You have left your mark

On my life and the beautiful
World around
Want to see you Top
Top Top Top
Of the morning

I was lost until that night
We kissed given up
On life so darling
Know this you’re
Worth more then
How this city let you
Down, want to see you
Top Top Top
Top of the morning

Its not about the debts you made
The car we never had
The house we never owned
Darling don’t look so sad
It’s about that day we kissed
Up by Niagara falls its about
The keys the keys to my
Heart you hold
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