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And I walked
And I walked upon Blackdown

And I walked west Sussex sunlight
up by dead man's pool
Where my ma, Mudlarck and Lewes
stared me down, "you drunken fool"
Old teenage debts engulfed my chest
as I contemplate death

I put a challenge to its glamours
and all its loss and glory

Late afternoon breath
was taken deep into my lungs,
thinking of the man I must become

My story has just begun
and I will be returning to myself soon

I've been alone for so many
of the great moments in my life
Alone like too many

But at this moment in my life.....asking,
"father, father, any way I can help ye?"
So, I am only just growing much better to know thee....

Thank you for the things you've given to our family...
Given your whole life to your wife and my sister and me...

Now I look out north of Battle where our ancestors lie in grave,
West to Brede where the blacksmith put root to our family name...
And I get proud of my birthright,
think of the things that I must leave
when I leave behind the city
and the living


(the temple of the winds blows, until the boy wakes from his six year slumber... alive, alone, we take the next step)


Desire, desire
Deep down inside of me
You are not the maker nor the master of me

Help me to better support my family
And better, better of a brother be....

Desire, desire
Deep down inside of me oh now
You are not the wrecker nor the ruler of me

Desire, desire
Deep down in me

Yes I've been alone for too many of these great moments in my life...
Alone like too many

But desire, desire, desire, you are not the maker of me

All as i walked upon Blackdown
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