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You Should Know

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Say it ain't so joe here we go so
Writing words that'll flow drop another verse til I'm old
Hit 'em with a fat groove make 'em jump back
Ain't givin' in 'cause we cut 'em no slack
'Cause the reason that we're here
is to open up your ears
Make you face all of your fears through the years
Gonna let you know what we're all about
Gonna make you jump up, gonna make you scream and shout
But not yet cuz it's not time
So let me finish up this little rhyme
Cool, funk flow here we go step aside
Cause we got something to do here tonight
We've spent a lot of time, not knowing what we're missing
Picking up the pieces of a broken heart wishing
That we could be moving on up
to the best side, that's the heavens in the sky


I just wanna go
Jah will take me home
I just want to show this love that you should know

Just waking up to a new day Got to step to the mirror 'cause I want to look the right way
Step back to the Word see what it has to say
Before I face another day
Ephesians 6:10-20 talks about putting on armor
You gotta wear it cuz the devil, he will harm you
So everybody take it to another level
Get 'em up and stomp the devil

Bringing it back to the way love's supposed to be
We give you this song so you can clearly see
That your problems can be solved if you put your trust in Him
His oceanic love can take away your sin
So listen up Jah people if you wanna take the ride
You gotta feel the love, you gotta catch the vibe
A love that's never changing is what we came here to show
We're here to tell you all about a love that you should know
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