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Face Of An Angel

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looking for the answer
to get you through the day
looking for forgiveness
for the games you've played
never new the reason
for doing what you've done
honesty betrays you
& the truth is overrun

how can you lie into the face of an angel?
& now you're hiding all the cards on the table
how can you look in those eyes?
& never realize
you're going down, down, down
i guess the world is going down

feeling like a stranger
left you so alone
still not out of danger
stories have been told
there's no use denying
you should take the blame
all these years of lying
will she ever be the same?


just woke up
from my dream i heard her cry
i heard her scream
does she have to suffer?
to make you understand
there can be no other
& that's the way she stands
take a good hard look
before you walk away
what a chance you took
now she's gone, gone, gone
now she's gone, gone, gone
got you on your knees
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