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Lost In Illusions

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how many times can you understand?
how many times can you make amends?
how many ways can you hide your pain?
standing in the rain

running away from your sanity
open the door that makes your mind believe
shying away from a loaded gun
aiming for the sun

lost in illusions
it's your reality
how does it feel when you face the confusion?
lost in illusions
what do you wanna be?
they will declare you a threat to society

how many ways can you live those lies?
playing the big shot in a blindman's eyes
spilling the blood to mark the grounds you rule
don't you play the fool

dressing yourself for your dignity
walking the streets that make you think you're free
what will you do when the well runs dry?
kiss your ass goodbye!!!!!!! :)

you're out of control so watch what you're doing
& open your eyes the danger is in disguise
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