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Lullaby of London

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As I walked down by the riverside
One evening in the spring
Heard a long-gone song from days gone by
Blowing in on the great north wind

Though there is no lonesome corncrake's cry
Of sorrow and delight
You can hear the cars and the shouts from bars
And the laughter and the fights

May the ghosts that howled 'round the house at night
Never keep you from your sleep
May they all sleep tight down in hell tonight
Or wherever they may be

As I walked on with a heavy heart
Then a stone danced on the tide
And the song went on though the lights were gone
And the north wind gently sighed

And an evening breeze coming from the east
That kissed the riverside
So I pray now, child, that you sleep tonight
When you hear this lullaby

May the wind that blows from haunted graves
Never bring you misery
May the angels bright watch you tonight
And keep you while you sleep
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