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Harold Of The Rocks

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It was a weekend's eve,
I had sex on my breath
I was lookin' for somethin' to see.
With a borrowed black
leather and my best fishin' hat.
Well it was just Wendy O. and me.
We called old Swamp
Up on the telephone
And said we was comin' on
Down to pick him up
and then, he said,
"Hey Snappy, me and Greeny'll come along -
But only if we can bring a friend."
"His name is Harold."
I said "Okay."
Now, we had a
Swamper, Greeny, Wendy O, Stanley, Harold of the Rocks and me.
We hopped into my dart
And headed for the nightbreak
To see a man they call Schooly D.
Harold he's a friendly guy.
He rambles on and on.
He'll talk the balls off
a rhinosaurus.
fact is he jsut doesn't
make much sense.
Well Stan said
"This guy's pretty bizarre Gus."
Harold of the Rocks.

I saw Harold at a
party Trouzy threw
Late one night.
I said, "hey man,
Do you remember me?"
He said, "O' course
I do Snapdad and
Let me tell ya right
'Bout now I'm lit
Up like an ol' Christmas tree."
Hey bro you know I'd
like to thank you once
Again for let'n me
Hang with ya' all across
The bay. when I
Look back at that
night I get me a
Warm spot across my heart."
Then he shook my
hand, and walked away.
That's teh last I
Seen of Harold.
Harold of the Rocks.
So in the end,
Swamper and Greeny
Finally succumb to
The ways of Harold.
And in doing so
Each gave just a little bit
Of his soul away.
What a couple of dumbshits.
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