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Lost Horizons

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So here alone in place I sit.
All my friends ain't closely knit.
Watch the passers by all day,
wishing some would come my way.

Hit the bottle after work.
Just another hopeless jerk.
Find it hard to "just say no".
"Bottoms up", now here I go!

I've had misfortune in my life.
Good intentions don't make it right.
Seems all I've done just ain't enough.
I guess you've got to be made of stronger stuff.

Can you feel the pressure rising?
Will you make it all go away?
Miles and miles of lost horizon.
Left to take it day by day.

I've got to get my thoughts in place.
Mental baggage to erase.
Failed attempts to seal my fate.
Turned away at heaven's gate.
Lost my heart and lost my mind.
Best of friends I left behind.
Change of heart and change of state.
I'll change it all and I can't wait.

No fame and fortune to see me through.
Just petty stuff like me and you.
All circumstantial, no fuckin luck.
It's superficial, and I could give a fuck.
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