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One World Ain't Enough

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The first taste of freedom left a bitter taste and that's the reason why I hate
The one way system of society and millions of people who say "why me"?
If one world ain't enough for all of us
I'll pack a bag in time to beat the rush and go to a destination
Nice and new and I'll leave this place behind because of you
I did my best, but that wasn't enough
I guess they did not like my stuff
I'll bid you all goodbye and a board
A bus cause one world ain't enough for all of us
The salvation of our liberty is at stake so why are we
So compalcement inour petty ways?
I'm still searching for better days ahead in the midst of all that we desire
I'll travel through the muck and mire and tell myself move on and be a man
Gotta learn how to live your life as best you can
I've seen it all a thousand times before
I'd sit and watch the eagle soar
I once was proud but now I'm in disgust
One world ain't enough for all of us
Have faith enough to see it through?
Enough of me, now how bout you?
You can't possibly be so content
I'll send you letters from where I went
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