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Rondell Beene

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[Rondell Beene]
You know I dont discriminate,
I killed bitches, I killed, pets,
Dogs, Cats, uhh, Canaries,
Anything, you know that's just how I do it.
Y'know back to what I was saying,
This is Rondell Beene, back on the mother fucking scene,
It's been a while since you seen me,
But now I'm real, ice and gleamy.
Nah, not really, y'know I just got home so,
I aint really out there like that.
But on some real shit dawg,
Y'know what I'm sayin', I'm talkin' 'bout pimpin,
You know how I do it,
I keeps, a, a nice flock o' hoes wit' me,
You know and, y'know they always sayin' about ma style,
Y'know what I'm sayin' - [Interrupted]
Put my Pimp coat down bitch, now, y-y-yer too close now.
Sit your ass down for your position, now that's Doggy-style,
Y'know what I'm talkin' 'bout.
Anyway though, uh, y'know what I'm sayin',
I'm kinda proud o' these niggaz that did 'n' came up
From tryin' to bein' pimps, to bein', Assistant pimps,
Y'know what I'm sayin,
And everybody knows Rondell Beene is the true pimp of all pimps.
Y'know I gave Proof his first hand-me-down Cango,
He, he don't give me no props for it,
But it's all good, 'cause he's keepin' ma commissary full,
Y'know what I'm sayin', shout out to ma man Big Proof,
For getting me on his album,
For givin' me the oppurtunity, to express, ma, ma whole,
Uh, outlook and exorcism about pimpin',
Y'know what I'm sayin', and that's what I do,
Y'know what I'm - [Interrupted] Bitch,
Didn't I tell you to put ma glass down,
If I take these headphones off, I'ma, I'ma lay hands on you,
Okay, aight okay we'll settle down then, settle down,
But that's how I do it, so keep it locked right here,
'Cause my man Big Proof and D12 gone tell you somethin' about some real pimpin',
Little bitch!
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