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Can I Live

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Uh, this goes out to
Everybody with they head up
Keep it up baby

[Qua Billz]
How many y'all had ever sleep out on park benches
When cops came we hit the fences
We stole food outta Poppi store e'ryday
He freaked out when his baby girl passed away
I'm sheddin' tears for my homies who are now gone
If that's your man get revenge and keep his name strong
She just a victim of the ghetto, and she hate it now
Cause she gettin' money on the corner and got a baby now
They sprayed us down and used whips but couldn't hold us back
Don't be ashamed of where you from and show the world you black
I'm one of the few that could make it out these ghetto streets
Cause I refuse to have to murder just so I can eat
I'm livin' life like a king cause I'm supposed to
Worship my women like a queen, not a ho you
And I can show you how the definite can feed ya kids
And in return all I ask is that you let me live

Can I live
One loss I give
Can I live
One loss I give
(I gotta do it, I gotta do it)
Can I Live

[Qua Billz]
I wake up early in the mornin', five times I will pray
Lord forgive me of my sins, and can I make another day
My hearts bleed for the life that this glamour holds
All the money and the women I think it's takin' control
See you a victim of your own life
You didn't ask God for parents that'll hit the pipe
For neighborhoods with apartments that were roach infested
For no heat and now you're telephone's disconnected
I remember when we had to use candles just for light
Blowin' out the cold smoke from the bed at night
My whole world's now, Ramera Tatianna Lawson
I may like bein' a father, when I ain't flossin'
But my life's the only thing that really kept me goin'
Sometimes I still can't believe that I made it flowin'
I could show you how to be legit as a kid
And in return all I ask is that you can let me live

Can I Live (Can I Live)
One loss I give (Give oh yeah)
Can I Live (Oh yes)
One loss I give
(I gotta do it, I gotta do it)
Can I live

[Qua Billz]
Death is devine, my rhymes light
Be penetratin' through your mind like, they highlights
My mic's like a wrist to me
Simp-e-ly I'ma a man makin' history
Burnin' this paper after people gettin' cancer
Meetin' these ladies, from the models to the dancers
Takin' ladies to the clubs, take 'em to the hotel
The motel, gimme two, so they both yell
Look at me, I got, money, you swear I had a disease
When you need to cut it please, we all in it for G's
A straight warrior, going out for mine on these streets
Remember when I had to do it for me and my brother to eat
But I ain't never looking back cause all the problems is gone
'Scept all my people keep on dying when all the babies is born
I changed the styles without a tool, favor and dad's call
It's a long way to Heaven, but it's longer to fall

[Chorus to fade]

[Qua Billz over chorus]
This goes out, to the recent Notorious B.I.G.
And Tupac Shakur, put ya guns down yo
Time for us to start gettin'
We deserve it baby
Keep ya head up
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