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Tonight Ricky

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I know that we’re too young to stay out late
On Sunday nights
But the innocence of you must fall behind
I’ll call you when the coast is clear
And everything’s alright
Oh, we’re to young to wanna waist the time

Tonight Ricky we can be alone
Tonight Ricky there ain’t nobody home
Tonight Ricky we can find out how we feel
Tonight Ricky is real

Well I know that all the dreams I have may
Never see the sunlight
Cause reality and dreams are hard to find
But when I call you’ll know
That there’s a dream to last ‘til midnight
We’re to young to wanna waist the time


Here we are we’re all alone
In our age relies the action
Cause the innocence of you was never mine
Holding hands and dreamy eyes won’t render satisfaction
We’ve waited for tonight, in time


Tonight Ricky is real 3x
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