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My Favorite Dred

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[Song starts with conversation]
Come here you oven head
Yo what's the word
Dred upstairs
Passing all packs escorted from Kinetta ear
Yo the nigga's name unknown
Kingston, had it sown
Never rocked the combs
His wig was big
Rob robs on the side, little lucky charm
Dred with jars, flooded graveyard
Brown clarks on
Playin feds in the shark bar (la la you ? ? star)
With another dred named Gov
Both diamond jimmed out
Rockin rentals, spittin phlegm out
Sucked his teeth, two fingers pointin down
What up bonna, passing marijuana to Tanya
CEO of Benny-Hanna, He fucked, sent her to Ghana
He's Benz nigga, rocked shorts, beige Tims nigga he real
Took us to Switzerland, dressed us all ill
Smoking ganja, rocked Anacondas, on next border Elantra
Sent it to his mama
Now that's a major move, the nigga love family
wouldn't hand me no drugs, showed me his jammi
Bulldog Stanley
Flexin on kinal, sit down, do it Chinese style
On graduation day he threw me a towel
He came through, heavy like fuck, suit flammable
Ill pair of gators he copped in Beirut
Had his man wit him, just stare, don't stand wit him
If assassination strike, he gotta make plans wit him
Roll a joint, keep him on point? Don Troing poing coin?
Freaked it, members like that I wanna join
The next day I heard he got knocked, fucked me all up
We felt it on the block, let the seeds rock
Peep what the nigga got rocked for
Smuggling dust in Rushmore, four more he went to war for
Moral of the storo, conspiracy smacked mortals
I'm outta here showin love like Zorro
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