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Never Negotiate

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The reasons are complex,
still a major factor is to blame.
Thankfully it won’t last forever,
not as long as we carry this flame.

The executive arms of murder have gained too much fame
and the fame is just what's going to bring them to shame
and make them lose the game.

Despite your hostile tactics,
we never negotiate.
Despite this sense of injustice and guilt,
we never negotiate.
Every day and night ,
we keep on going straight,
and never negotiate.
Listen to my heartrate when we twist the debate.
It’s a part of our fate.

And when all the people know, you will go under.
We are sending you down below, and you will just wonder.
Why we are striking down like thunder, not a place for you to go.
Not a place for you to go.

Worldwide connection made up
a reason for bombs in the Middle East.
It’s a shameful and genius act to say the least.

Politicians lobbying their cause,
the creation of new laws.
Tossing innocent children into the jaws.
It’s cause for another round of applause.
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