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Always Right

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Don't tell me you couldn't do it
I'm always right when I intuit
God is in the things you love
So don't you punch me with kid gloves
And if you really wanted this
You'd shake your life, you'd sell your kids
And if you really wanted this then you'd admit I'm
Always right (4x)

I can see your protestations
As merely manipulations
What you feel is not the issue
You're so polite I want to hit you
And hope that you'll retaliate
And prove my fears legitimate
I'd like to thank you, though it's trite,
For assuring me I'm
Always right (4x)

Worst offenders hide their crimes
As you've denied yours countless times
So don't plead for a lighter sentence
Be contrite and show repentance
And demonstrate your love for me
By handing me your diaries
I'll skim them til I'm justified
It says right here I'm
Always right (4x)

Say what you like but I'm not listening
My fangs are white and sharp and glistening
You seem like my favorite grade
I even earned this with straight As
As God made Adam in his image
You'll emulate me when I'm finished
I'll give you the gift of light
If you concede I'm
Always right (8x)


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