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Diamond Shovel

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Let's dig a hole with a diamond shovel
We can take turns
Beyond the graves, the wells and Pompeiis

We can bore
Through the floor
To explore
Towards the core
Lower and lower
What are we waiting for

Step through the teeth of the cave
They don't bite
Just then our eyes will adjust
To no light
As long as our canary sings
We'll be safe
So let's be on our way

We'll watch as moles dig secrets and holes
Furry experts
Dinosaur bones and rare, precious stones
Buried in earth

We were forged in
The explosion
Below ocean
Of emotion
Liquid molten
Magic potion

Let's not let up til we find
The heart of hearts
We'll know that we're close when we feel
Weightlessness start
Halfway between north and south
Float in the dark
I'll race you to the top


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