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Salt Sack

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You pushed me out to sea today
And hoped to watch me drown
All I had was my baggage
You thought it'd weigh me down
And as I drifted out
I floated out until the raft was sinking
I gasped for air
I coughed salt water
I couldn't help but drink in
I jumped ship; you couldn't see me.
You thought I'd breathed my last
I started swimming towards the shore
From which I had been cast
I struggled back until
You were sure that I would die
But I found a strength, a will, a hate
I couldn't pacify
So I made it back
I fought back, was almost to your shore
You had something in your hands for me
A braided crown of thorns
Then I turned around
I swam away, never to look back
I'm no more the fool
Who would die and know a salt sack


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