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Life Wont Wait

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Teach the children and disciples
to wage a brand of war
Religious and prestigious keep
the quest for the holy grail
The eye atop the pyramid is open and awake
The pagans own the rituals
and the quiet world begins to say

The vision is a new world order
The vision is a new world order
The vision is a new world order
Come along and tell your sister and your brother

The force of war, dynamite blast,
writhes on the weak and the poor
Don't wanna see my brother in pain
When the little man fighting all big men's wars
Don't know nothing 'bout no red, white and blue
Little men bring the big man too
Too many win, nobody lose,
it all comes down to what will they choose


The conscience of the public
can not be put to sleep
The conglomerate of the nations
has no bounds in which they seek
Was it the mob tellin' the CIA to
put us all in this state of fear
How many of us wish we were
at Jeff Kennedy's hearing say


See them try to rule the world
We don't know why
Why they want to rule the world
Only white men and black men's..?
the white power ?
The guns of mass destruction,
them fighting about
Buying the world is only so much money
Here they come to bring him down to his knees
World wide hunger ?
one fear
Well gangster treaties who keep us in fear
How much more can our people bear?
Need no more division
Need no more pride and I
I will keep on fighting to keep what's mine
We the people speaking our mind
And once more, would you say it for me now?

Dynamite blast of the force of war
Government rides on the weak and poor
Don't want to see my brother in pain no more
When the little man fights all the big men's war

? victimize
Mental slavery with the clever disguise
Our prides on our people must rise
Decide your fate but
Life won't wait
Life won't wait
Oh, life won't wait

[Chorus x2]
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