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Yo its on!
Crackers, crackers
Niggaz, Niggaz
(This is a test of the emergency smokecast system)
Crackers, crackers
Niggaz, niggaz
Fuckers, fuckers
(This is a test,
This-this is a test of the emergency smokecast system)
Crackers, crackers
Niggaz, niggaz

Yo yo yo
Funk Doc is on a world tear jumpin' 15,000 feet
out of plane in the air like where
The next ghetto i'm gonna run
I'm gonna shut them ear drums until you talkin' sign language
There go son!
Walls start to bleedin when my jaws is leakin'
Doc do 200 first week your label call a meeting
Yea i'm gonna let the gorrilas up in your building
Kick your door, shoot up the ceiling
Snatch the coke, kidnapp the children
Don't start lying about your tire being flat
Or catching a allergy attack
I'll axe the battle and the bat
Saddling them ho's like yeeehaw!
Bitch enjoy the tour when you're fuckin
the Doc 5 O'clock free ride
Ambulance too late for them
These paper thin niggaz robbin' at the ATM with a staple gun
I'm a rookie scuba diver, Holler
You rap scholars do the knowledge
You wont make it through to college
B the R I-C-K
Never wore those, My lyrics to the mic
Is like my hormones to pornos
Bitches keep the door closed

Mothafuckers be tryin to step in my zone
I grab my chrome
And be like yo its on (4x)

Aiyo who fuckin' with us
We bustin' your gut with lyrics
You either feel it or fear it
And smash the hardest artist regardless in steez
I'm heartless with these (you ready) cock it and squeeze
With precise precision you better listen
Guaranteed to blow your vision if we engage in collision
Talk slick and be laid out in chalk
I still stay out in Newark
And blaze my way into court
So nigga fuck what u thought
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