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[Sniff Sniff]
Psalms 27 is my life and salvation whom shall I fear
(I Ain't Cryin' I Ain't Cryin')
'Cause I Have Sinned The Lord
Is The Structure Of My Life and Whom I Sow be Afraid and before I Wrap Up This Port Of Miami Emamies and (please Lord)
Some Foes Trying to Take My Fresh There's A lot Of My Brothers and Sisters that's Stumbling' Still That Wasn't Here
to That Wasn't Here to Watch This Come Past (Sniff Sniff Sniff) Lord Who That Is Cooping Against I Should Not
Fear Since I can't Do Shitthou Washer Rise Else I Will Say A Prayer (Aman) and This Ishou be Confert (Aman
Aman) This Is 12 Years In The Making No Side Deals with Satan I'm Dealin' with The Maker (Strate Up) A lot Of
Homies Ask what's A Prayer?
A Prayer Is What kept My Foucis 12 Years (12 Years)
A Prayer Is What Save I Sud Of Been Indited Now My Kids No Jay-Z (Sawn Carter)
A Prayer Is What Kept My Here When The Bullets Cut The Air I
Felt It and I Just Said A Prayer
A Prayer Is Like Medicines It Will Heal Wounds Ask Bush Vietern (Ask) Big
Holes In A Nigga Side Snug Nose 45homeboy

Just Close your Eyes Put your Hands together Bow your Head

Keep Me Alive
Keep Me Out The Fedz
Gotta Bless The Kids
one for The Fam
for The dividend Dear Lord Here I Am So I Repant My Sins forgive Me
The Grapes On The Plate
The Tags On Their Feet
The Nice Mama Cried
I'm Thugging with The Fam
for The dividend Dear Lord Here

I Am I So to God (Ross)
I Did Some Things In The Past If I Cud Lord I Will Help you Bring 'Em Back (Please Lord) I (Ross) Feel Pain Man
It Ain't 'Cause I can't Speak That's why I Get So Many Songs I can't Sleep On It (Damn Man Damn Dog) Tattoos for
forgiveness (Cross) I Might Not Get But forgive Me (Laross) I'm Here and I'm Fighting Like A
Motherfucker (Motherfucker) Triple Cs excited Like A Motherfucker (Triple Cs) Say A Prayer Put The Weed In
The Air and Thank God Once Again for makin' Me A Millionaire (Aman Aman Aman) Thank God for Makin' Me A Millionaire
Put your Hands together Bow your Heads


I Am (Ross)
I Used to Get Sticks Of The Hoes Zonenow Back to Back Covers for The Ozone Jb (Ozone) Made The Magazine
Billboard Goin' Stongrolling In The Phanum with Motherfucking Rollin Stones (Stones Nigga) you Stuck with Me Thou
Thick and Thin Sitting Back Got your Mama Sitting In A Benz (Lord) Make you Damn Near Want to Cry Low 95 Stack Money
Like Homacide (Homacide) Blood Sed After Midnight (Midnight) Its Just Me and This We've Tryin' to Get Right (Trying
You all Right) Blood Sed After Midnight (Midnight Midnight) It's Just Ross Trying to Get Right (Just Trying to Get Right)
Put your Hands together (together) Bow your Heads


E I Am (Ross)
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