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In My Tea

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Watching through the door
Look at a mirror
In my tea
Watching it in my cup
Change a little my make-up
In my tea
Moving reds and pinks
Fun factory of lipsticks
In my tea
And this green, it's too much
Turning off my dark blush
I can change the weather
I make a thunder
In my tea
Any place for my hair?
Yes, only in the air
There's not so much place
I get a strange face
But there's no wrong or right
It's a question of lights
Watching through the door
Wanna get some more
With my tea
My mother is coming with my father
They're laughing in my tea
Oh, they're looking so sweet
I drink them
With a strong beat
Oh, in my tea
Drink my tea
And watch over the sea


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