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Very First Time

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Pa pa pa pa pa ...

Here we go shawty in the team
..nobody never .. places that you ain’t never ...
Are you never seen .. got your

This number after nine tell me girl you’re fine
And i will lie if i said i wasn’t tryin to take your time
I know you probably bare no post to take the time
Btu I’ll stay .. about that lies that you’re hangin and not to drive
When it’s late that type of story my love is mandatory
and if i had a price tag but if you can’t afford me than mister
call me when you want it and I’ll be there till the morning
now every .. is with my ..so it’s ..
i stand in the gas and glory just sing me a Spanish story
and she need Spanish how .
she keep it rare like a storm and i drive she drive the ..
she the first time of everything you deserve a felon
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like a shawty you’re a team

...you aint’ got to be .. pretend
Got my ..pretend
She says she never
how could it be her very first time
Her very first time ..be around just think about that .. arresting me
And you ain’t gotta worry about the ..
Stare everything will be ok .. one ..
Let me do our thing

I’m on it your boyfriend is ...
She is in my hocus pocus
..what’s the ..
And now i’m not her man but i’m the closest
Thank to our heart to .. i make her like a splinter
Deserve her after dinner i go sinner
than i send her to a place that she aint’ never been
And i see stuntin hard like they never did

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