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All The Way Turnt Up Ft. Soulja Boy Tell`em

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SB:soulja boi tellum

RD:do not turn me down
jus gon turn me up
roscoe dats wassup(wassup) and shawty we

Hook:all the way turnt up x4
all the way turnt up (shawty we all the way turnt up) x4

RD:dj turn me up,crank it to the max
i got lots of gwalla,i be blowin stax
polo on my hat,shoes dat serv da bag
i b so turnt up,i be swaggin to the max
if u get it in, and u gettin dough
gon pop a bottle,dis rite here yo song
purple bottoms on,u can smell it on my clothes
bout to take one to the long
im gone, in another zone
i be ridin on them inches wit them woofers strong
dey like wat is goin on
on i dont realy kno
den i roll up all my windows,den turn this s**t up all the way


SB:hopped up out da beeddd, wat happenin
soulja boi tellum,turn me to my lvl man
money on the table
all up in mexico,gettin to the paso
check out the gear
if gettin money was a sport ima need it evry year
gettin money ova here
den dey must not kno where im from
yo gurl spinnin on my d**k jus like a cd roam
t-t-t-t-turn uuppp
turn up til u cant turn no mo
burn up til u cant burn no mo
rock my chain er'where i go
smoke til u cant smoke no mo
choke til u cant choke no mo
work til u cant work no mo
im rich i cant go work no mo


RD:turn up
all i kno is turn up
smokin like a hippie i swear all i do is burn up
all in v.i.p and they be actin like they kno us
im like we turn up
excuse wile i turn up
all dese h**s be choosey but i turnt it up on them h**s
i turnt up on the wrong
i be turnt up off the cold
all dese n
*s back cuz i be pullin all they h**s
first i get em to the room
they be turnt up out they clothes like

and i be goin ham
i dont think dese n
*s really kno jus how i am
dis is r-o-s-c-o-e dash
and im bout to cap it
but for short u can jus call me mr way to turnt up for that sag


SB:alllll da waayyy tuurrnnt uuppp
soulja boi tuuunnt uupppp
tuuurrnnt uupppp,tuurrrrnnt uppp
(turn up turn up turn up turn up turn up)
alll da waayyy
alll da waaayy
alll da waayyy turnt up
(tuuurrn uuppp turn-turn-tuuurrrn upp)
tuurrn up
tuurrn up
tuuurrrnn uupppp
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