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Blood of Knives

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Up from the ashes, the cloud covered past, a worthy N.M.L. is found
Attracting new comrades and fellows in war, this is your burial ground
The knife it is right at your throat and soon will be covered with blood
Joining the masses’ cry for revenge, a death bringing sort of sound

This is the day of revenge
The New Metal Leaders arrive
The blood of knives

Into the madness, the rage for attack, a fearfeeding order to kill
We’re swinging the blades with a purpose to smash the treacherous ragmen of sin
No, there is no holding back, there will be no giving in
Our sign of destruction the world soon will know, we’re honoured by those once (called) the kings

This is the reckoning day
The New Metal Leaders arrive
The blood of knives

Solo: RTB, Matze

The threshold of pain, it is finally reached, as bodies are covered with blood
With sand in their lungs and with dust in their eyes my enemies (are) destined to rot
This is the end of the world, apocalypse is fulfilled

This is our victory day
The blood of knives has been spilled
The blood of knives
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