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God love you

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I have been somebody on nobody’s mind.
A funny kind of winner losing all the time.
On my way to somewhere with no place to go.
Then you said hello.

And now i walk with you.I talk with you.
At last you’re here.In my arms, close to me, so very near.

Touching me, reaching me, with the everything you do.
Long nights through.God love you.
God love you.God love you.
You loving way will make me stay.God love you.

You’ve become the only one who’s always there.
In my dreams, on my mind, in every prayer.

By your side I’m satisfied no way to hide,
This feeling i have for you.
I'll swear it’s true.God love you.
God love you.God love you.

God loves you for being you.
And i thank you for loving me too.
God love you.
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