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One by One

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I've always been the perfect man for fightin'
I've always been the one who'd never lose
Get up'n play - it used to be exciting
A chance to win - but there is no excuse
But now I feel
I've spent my life for nothing no chances left - confusions
like a rain
One step ahead won't help - I'm losin' something
Another victory will bring another pain
And I feel like a stranger - lost and found
In the heat of the danger - another time around

One by one - we're fallin' on the burnin' ground
One by one - keep movin1 round 'n' round
One by one - iust fallin' like shootin' stars
One by one - we'll just rust behind bars

I'm on track - no matter how I'm movin'
From light to light - another dusty place
No one around- aware of what you're doin'
Forgotten hero - an unknown face
Straight through the heart - no pain 'cos there's nothin'
back to the past - just injuries insight
No way to stop - watch out, 'cos evil's laughin'
No use screamin' - it's sinkin' in the night

Take a look in the mirror - see if you're blind
Keep chasin' the hero - in another time
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