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Wizzy wizzy stackin gettin tipsy
Already killed 20 drinks but feel like nothins in me
Got a girl named molly hottie hollas just to lick me
Fingerprints of bitterness are fucking me up quickly
Rolled out swingin for the fence you know like griffy
On the runway bridges off my plane sorry u missed me
Cloudless in the sky but staci has the cabin misty
We just smokin alias but aint fuckin with missy
I can't feel my legs I'm uma therman in this damn thing
My revenge is pillful adarol and yin yang
Touchin ladies, sweatin, blazing, flame a bowl with propane
Champagne bottles poppin and we cuttin lines of cocaine
Feelin like a million bucks furthest from a bad place
Smilin on my inside but I'm grindin with my sad face
More and more I'm fallin crawlin steppin towards euphoria
Poppin shots before it ends call me robert horry braa

If you want to roll with me pop and throw your drink back
Singles are for lovers if your fucking take a trip stac
Love me baby I can take you higher
Lets get a little higher x2

On my shit I'm out my lid but notice how my words shape
Sean and cudi hurricanes well I must be an earthquake
Fissin hearin all these dudes show love and then they spread hate
My pupils are big as fuck bout the size of pancakes
Rolly faced to be a state bo boys we gettin faced
Boston fam there's no replace ment to speak my life on tape
I don't know if this shits fake either way my minds erased
I love everybody I'm the biggest fan of good mistakes
Get your girl wetter then if you went n jumped in a lake
Suck on off mdm and a, I'm puffin els gettin baked
Magic in the play-offs you a loser you just get laid
We still rollin heavy boy till the day we get caked
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