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The lights come on
The set is down
The curtain's flown away
To all you creatures of the night
I say it's time we play

We'll show you things
That in your life
You'd never dreamed you'd know
So now before the ghosts arrive
It's welcome to the show

Minstrels, kings, explorers
Fantasies on order
Ghosts and dreams awakened
Stories long forsakened

The minstrel and the sorcerer
Are switching their disguise
The jester drinks and starts to think
That he alone is wise

The governor and journalist
Exchange a judas kiss
And now before the song is done
The plot begins to twist

Ghosts and lost explorers
Fate with all her daughters
Saints and hopeless sinners
Wise men in their winters

Welcome to the show
Welcome to the show
Welcome to the show
Welcome to the show
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