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I wouldn't sell my belt to industry
So they carded me
And they carted me off.
Naked with that belt around my waist
It was my father's once
I still see his face
They carted me off.
But I managed to escape the good gendarme
And I fled through field and farm stripped of natural charm
Naked but that belt I wear so well
Past the pyramids
And the liberty bell
Hey this is something I have to do for myself
I have to for myself.
I ignored the sheep and shepherds on my way
What could their small words say
When they say them that way
Bathed in sweat and feathered as a crow
I laid a beating on the sleet and snow
With my frostbitten toes.
I remained unrecognized in my home town
Beneath my monstrous gown
Of feather and down
But I gathered up and army made of those
Who aimed to shame them
>From their repose
We took up weapons
And took off our clothes
So what say you
And all your friends
Meet all of my friends
In the alley with knives
What say you
And all your friends
Step up to my friends
In the alley tonight
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