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Nuclear Seven

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Living with the sin, a dirty world all around
Another missile speech, as they preach with no leash
Seven nations threatning the world with a bomb
Seven sins creating a world from the whomb
Show me a way, I can live and I'll grow
There is a way, that we can learn for ourselves
Written in your eyes the answer is ill
The anger builds a fire within
Every lie the system is stained
A minefield of egos, opinions and words... no more
Show me the way, I can change, I'll grow
Show me a road, where I can reach, where I can reach the light
Light at the end of the road
In this new world, painted black
Sloth and pride and envious anger
In this new world, another mark
Excess and lust with arrogance
In this new world, without a past
Atomic shit to fuck with our heads
In this new world, that's full of crack
Our children cry, they're lost and mad
We're lost!
Show me the way - I need to know - show me the road
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