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Indivisible, you are the one:one
Impossible to hear, what you say to me at night
Can I have some covers back
It's so cold on the wrong side of the bed

Are you awake, are you aware, are you anything

Pictures high, high upon the shelf
Letters from me to you, you to me, us to them
Do they express?
Do they say anything?
Anything at all

I know I'm not the man of her dreams
Daddy said she'd marry rich, rich
Richer than me
I know I'm not the man
But she can take anything
Anything at all

Do you think it's just enough to know
How I wanted you to feel
Read things back to me
Back up, to see from where i am
There is nothing more than this
Nothing more than this

Is it enough to say that I want you
To keep it close to me, (me)
It's all I think, think about
Does it mean anything at all

Is it enough to say
That I was wrong
And you were right
Right here, right now
Is it enough
For anything at all
Anything you want

You can take
Take anything at all
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