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It is no escape of his
Emerging on a tender age
Just to say that she wants him
And her nakedness is not
An invitation to her bed at night
She sleeps that way all the time

He's wanting just to say:
Would you listen up
And give half a chance to this young man?
And she's wanting just to say
Can you break down all the barriers
Walled up around me?

And the worst thing he could do
Is leave when she asks him to
Then they're equally alone

If you're wanting just to know,
Storybook, love letter is he writing still?
He's been with her for many years

And she's wanting to just explain
Well my nakedness is not
An invitation to this bed


And the games she plays at night
Are nothing like she's ever known
Because she knows how to throw a look
Knowing just what to say
He shows up 4 a.m. and drunk
Hey roll over you're in my way

Just one more work before he goes
I'm not here as a man, i'm here as a girl
I didn't come here to get laid
I'm just here to help you
Why are you so afraid?
Casey the madison king
He'd do anything for that little girl
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