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Between the whispers
A lonely candle flickers and it slowly fades
Into its grave
And as if knowing
Enchantment slowly runs her fingers down my spine
A jagged line

Who waits for me
Now who waits for me
Who waits so long so long so long

And shall I wait for dawn won't come
Or shall I sink into myself

All is disquiet
A dark assassin spirit draws back from the room
Time folds in two
I've vexed him surely
I'm ravaged by my need for light
It's all I feel all I see
I live and breathe and cry and die
For love

And shall I cast composure down
And shall I wait forevermore
I hear so sorrowful a sound

Maybe in time I'll fly away
And trade these wings in for a life

A life where I am stronger and
A place where there's no sleepless nights
Or Moonlit arches cover me
These paintings and these statues stare
Chastised and imprisoned here alone
Under your stairs

[Guitar solo - Gary]
[Keyboard/Guitar solo - Gary]

So was it all worth it?
To sing out my song and to scream
I had the fire
The passion and will
My dedication mistaken for disloyalty
I'm lost in the heavens
Statue in time
Like ghosts in a prison
And come undone

And all those living out their lives in company of riders
Silent and deliberate as they're counting out their coin
I just can't relinquish my opinion that I'm so much different
Insolent their sins have drug them down into the deep
The deep
The deep

The race not to the swift
The prize she just never fell right to the brave
A long long time ago
And somewhere lost in all the rage
I was just a brush stroke away
And the wind has caught the sails
No one who's ever knelt here before
Has stopped to count up the cost
They're gone gone lost in time
Can love be so indulgent that it blinds you to your faith?

And in the end the weight is all but lifted off
The stars continue on their course
And you fall away
Fall away
And it all comes around
Another good man goes down
He floods away

Sorrow cannot bind me like the common thief
I'll come out and I'll shine
Just like a caustic ray of light

All of the raised here the choirs alive
It's just a matter of words spoke
out over the river of time

Gone off to war or gone off to hate
You see me brandish the torch and
The sword of your fate is real

I walk alone through the spiritless void
All account of my love oh
My sweet flowing love lost in vain
On and on... and on and on
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