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The Wickedest Man In The World

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I stand here before you
The way life has made me
Ill mannered, foul mouthed
Bad tempered and lazy
I stare at your world
Down the neck of a bottle
Every day is a death ride
When I hold the throttle.

To the drowning I am water
For your calm I am the storm
I'm the fiend who's with your daughter
In bed well before the dawn.

Was I the cat that got the bird?
They'll put the blame on me
Everything was grand in wonderland
Till Charles Manson came to tea.

Each moment's a game
And I must play it to win
And if you cannot bear it
Then you'll just have to grin
All the world is a stage
So I aim to upstage you
("By the pricking of my thumbs")
Kill me off - but like Banquo
I'll come back to plague you
("Something wicked this way comes")

All martyrs seek their cross and nails
The rebels grail his cause
So I'll just sign away my soul
And forget the buy-out clause.

The few who see me through my disguise
Abhore, deplore, hate and despise me
I care not what you perceive
Fall unto your knees
Jack the Ripper went to Sunday school
With his best friends Mack the Knife
And the blue eyed boy
Who lives next door
He's a junkie Jesus Christ.

Do you think I'll be sad
'cus you don't like me
Well I consider it highly unlikely
Spill the milk but I won't cry
My eyes are watertight
Like my alibi.

Yes I'll love you then leave you
For no apparent reason
My names are many
My friends call me "Legion"
The light that casts the shadows
Darker shades of black
That hide the drugged up mugger
Who will stab you in the back.

I'm not the type of angel
Who fell from divine grace
I'm the one who was so bad
He never got there in the first place
The vulture in the wings
As the battle flags unfurl
"Pleased to meet you,
I'm the wickedest man in the world."
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