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History Lessens (The Final Examination)

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Look what you get for following leaders,
who lead from the rear - where are they now ?

What did we learn in history lessons ?
How to sit quiet at the back of a class.
With so many things open to question,
it's too late to cry - there's no-one to ask.

Life's an education - a multiple equation,
everybody finds their own solution in the end.
"To be or not to be" is a very lengthy question,
has somebody please got a sharpened pencil they can lend ?

Marching in time down a production line,
what did that teach you 'bout life in the dole-queue ?

The Law of Relativity - (life's relative misery)
The Law of Probability - (it's probably contrived)
Newton's Law of Gravity - (we face a grave reality)
The law that rules the jungle - (only the strong survive)

The path of least resistance - a bland text book existance,
don't expect to find the answers printed at the back.
The only sound advice that's carried me through life -
when the cards are stacked against you, play the joker in the pack.
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