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Whatever, whenever, soon it will come
Smile from your lips will fade away

For everything you will pay
When the bloody dawn breaks
Starved wolves will feed upon carrion
Hark! Earth is pounding under footsteps of iron

I break bones like splinters
Crush my enemies underfoot
There is no one yet born
To stand against me – he would fail miserably

Black rider, the merciless killer
Bone breaker, cutthroat
Black rider, the blood drinker
Head cutter, man eater

Bloody footprints trail behind me
Wherever I go, I spread misery and pain
I'm a curse for all the living
War, plague, famine – those are my names

Four mothers gave birth to me
In the black cave of a monstrous beast -
Envy, Avarice
Lust and Greed were their names

A thousand ears hear my every word
Blindly follow all my commands
It is you yourselves who called me
You yourselves showed me the way here
Yes Master, yes Master – they obey me!
Yes Master, yes Master – they call me!
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