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Beneath grey skies
Where the ravens croak and circle
Between the crooked swamp birches
Lies ancient burial ground

The sun never shines there
Every day fine rain drizzles
Only a few among the living know
How to find the path there

Across the morass dank mist drifts
Through grass and wet soil Kurbads is wading

Everything there seems dreadful and gloomy
Woeful moans resound in the mist
Red eyes flash in the dusk
Ghostly figures twist and sway

Like an isle in the sea
Covered with green moss
There in the middle of the swamp
Sleeps a giant…

Menacing and grim in the bog stands the Stone Sentinel
And there's nowhere further to go
Menacing and grim in the bog stands the Stone Sentinel
It keeps gates to the Underworld closed

If you can lift and roll it aside
A black passage will be seen
Only those who are fearless enough
Dare to descend down below

- "What's up, Kurbads, has your heart sunk into your boots yet?"
- "To hell with it, I am climbing down!"

Be warned, devils
Kurbads is coming
Soon, heads will roll
As the Devilslayer starts to work
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