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Fridrihs Briedis (1888-1918) – one of the most
outstanding officers of Latvian Riflemen who became a
legend during his lifetime giving an inspiration to others.

When hard times set in for homeland
You were the first one who stood up
First entered the ranks of Riflemen
The muddy entrenchments became your home

You were the first who rushed
In most bitter battle
With shining officer's sabre in hand
Through fire circles of bullets and grenades

Colonel Briedis – the best example for your soldiers
Courageous they always followed you
Colonel Briedis – your life continues even after your death
Together with ancient chiefs you stand now

Fearless you were staring in the eyes of death
No matter what the history will tell about you
'Cause neither for orders, for Tsar nor for fame
But only for the land of your fathers you fought

And didn't hide behind
The back of your soldiers
'Cause only in whirlwind of most raging battle
You felt yourself really happy

When blood, soil and fire are splashing
When bullet rain drips upon men
When biggest fears must be conquered
The real life begins then for you
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