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Slim Thug - "3:16"

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Yeah, Slim Thugger, Boss Hogg Outlaws
Got plex, with the Boss, ha
Something you gotta deal with baby, ha, fa sho

[Slim Thug]
What's up motherfuckers, it's the show stopper Lil Yo dropper
Kappo popper, bout to break them off something proper
One man army, bout to make they summer stormy
I'ma handle every nigga, out here trying to harm me
Young Capo, bitch you ain't young no mo'
You a old man, why you still riding with Lil Yo
You need to get off Pac dick, and stop that copying shit
Boy you ain't no OG, over there in the bricks
Old hating ass nigga, talking bout you bust on me
I'll have Lil Yo, singing This Is For My Homies
I'm the fucking Boss, against all odds
Lil' Zane ass niggaz, y'all some broads and frauds
I'll pull your hoe card, snake skin ass bitch
I don't even know you nigga, so I'm making it quick
All I know, is that you rolling with two hoes
All you gay ass niggaz, need to get on your toes

Yeah, I'm serious
And this is one of 3:16
You bastards, I'm serious
This is only one of 3:16
Straight up, I'm serious
That was only one of 3:16
But check this shit out

[Slim Thug]
It's Slim T-H-U-G, about to wreck Big Pic
Fuck you and everybody, that you down with
You try to talk that hard shit, like you wanna come fight me
Knowing damn well, you wanna be just like me
Talking down on my click, I'ma back em up
You fuck with Sir or Doodie, and I'ma crack you up
Bitch you ain't in Swishahouse, sucker take off that piece
Quit trying to use that name, so you can sell in the streets
I saw that nigga A.D., and he didn't wanna speak
Well fuck you too, definition of weak
Take that fake ass earring, up out of your ear
Stop claiming up the street, you embarrassing your peers
Try that bullshit cougar, in the lake somewhere
Hating on me to a bitch, go play somewhere
Slim Thug says, you need to get off his dick
And Slim Thug says, you and Pic a bitch, motherfuckers

I'm serious
And this is two, of 3:16
You punks, I'm serious
This is two, of 3:16
Punk ass niggaz, I'm serious
This was two, of 3:16
16 number three

[Slim Thug]
So motherfuckers think, they can flow
But all of them niggaz, is some hoes
I got a lot of niggaz, that's down with me
But you bitch niggaz, shouldn't of clowned with me
Lil Yo, you say you looking cute in Polo shit
I heard your weak ass c.d., and it's bullshit
You gotta run to your hood, and beg em for help
You can't talk shit, and back it up for yourself
You hating on the Boss, trying to get you some wealth
But hating on me, is real bad for your health
I see your whole click, on 2Pac dick
Nursery rhyming ass nigga, you a lil' old bitch
Yeah I talk about my cars, I talk about my click
But bitch I wanna see you, try to put me on bricks
You better battle Lil Romeo, weak ass boy
I gave you street fame, old weak ass boy, remember that

You little motherfucker
I'm serious, and that was three of 3:16
For any niggaz, that wanna test
Come up and stress, these three motherfucking 16's
You can't fuck with it fool
We dropped three, of 3:16's
And ain't a motherfucker tight like this
We dropping three tight ass 3:16's

Who they talking to man
These niggaz must of forgot
I know these niggaz man, I hung with these niggaz
Roll with these niggaz man
Did everything with these niggaz man
Helped them niggaz come up, the little they did
Ha, and they wanna turn they back on me and hate on me
Showed all them hoe ass niggaz nothing but love man
Let them niggaz borrow money to promote shows
And clothes and shit, you know I'm saying
He remember, turned your back on me mayn
All you niggaz is some hoes for that
Should of stayed down, and got paid with me
We all had the same chances, opportunities
But y'all ain't make it, y'all ain't got it
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