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When I Grow Up

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When I Grow Up Lyrics
Artist(Band):Snoop Dogg
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"The Dogg Pound and the LBC, your baby is awaiting you..."
Thats that damn Snoop Dogg again, he aint nothin but a fuckin pimp
Man snoop you got a bad curve, when i grow up i wanna be just like you
Look here little homeboy, let me tell you somethin,
Don't let me ever hear you say you wanna be like me,
You could be a doctor, a lawyer, a football player, a laker, anythin,
Just don't never let me hear you say you want to be like me,
You hear me?
[Boy]:Yah Huh
[Snoop]:Now take these dollar$ and go giv'em to your brothers and sisters
and you run on to school
[Boy]:Thanks Snoop.
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