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Black And Blue

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Protect and serve, slice my nerve
Gotta make sure everybody's gonna get what they deserve
I make my plea down on my knees
Street cowboy with a badge that says you can do what you please

Do what you please
Oh, do what you please

Rape me, take me, shine your lights so I can't see
Holsters, guns, and uniforms just don't impress me

Blood-stained streets, he looks pretty neat
Somebody's crying for help and he's breaking up my party
Please stop breathing down my neck
Took away something that's mine, I want you to give it back

You gotta give it back
Oh, give it back

Walk across my face with your shiny shoes
Bow down to the badge and the colors black and blue

(One, two, three, four)


The blue knight, he rides tonight
A show of strength, a polished fight
Just take me home, 'cause I'm not alone
Just take me home, I'm not alone

Get ready

The squad's breaking down, but you misjudged your power
Get your handcuffs ready, 'cause we're coming in numbers
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