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Miracle Mile

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You can try to defy me, by being strong as a knight
If your feelings are dark, could you face that sight
A room with a view, you were watching the door
Hopping down, sneaking at the second-hand store

You were outside looking in for a little while
Inside fire's flames, like a witch's trial
I see you like a fallin' star
If I had my wish, you wouldn't get too far

They see you wait at the stairs
And they take you down there

Someway to somewhere

You're like a rat in a maze
You run around like a child
You're talking circles 'round, let the brat get in your mind
Just set sail, the tides moving in
Whose never been one with making any friends

And you were outside looking in on the miracle mile
I'll be down by the side of the road with my painted-on smile
I'd burn your castle to the groundAnd spead your ashes all around my world

Some faded

When there's nothing but the wind
After he had called and I had saw him back he seemed like a long, lost friend
White lines fading fast in a cathouse breath

I look at you now, an aberration of truth
Now you be a good frog in the fountain of youth
Live bust or win, it'll blow you away
Best to hear it simple, got nothing to say

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