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Dont let me fall by Lenka

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Underneath the moon
underneath the stars
here's a little heart for you
Up above the world
Up above it all
Here's a hand to hold on to
But if I should break
if I should fall away
What am I to do
I need someone to take
A little of the weight
Or I'll fall through...
You're just the one that I've been waiting for
I'll give you all that I have to give and more
But don't let me fall...
Take a little time
Walk a little line
get the balance right on
Give a little love
Gimme just enough
So that I can hang on tight
We will be alright
I'll be by your side
I won't let you down
But I gotta know
no matter how things go
That you will be around...
...You'll be the one that I'll love for ever more
I'll be here holding you high above it all
But don't let me fall.


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