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Alvin a chipmunkové-follow me now

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This morning I woke up and something had changed.
I felt kind good and it felt kinda strange
there's something going on here
and maybe it's a brand new world,
Or I'm just crazy, insane.

So, everything's different
well, I guess that's OK
cause those thoughts that used to hold me down
have all gone away.
I feel like I can take on the world
So, come along for the ride,
Or just get out of my way!

Come on!, Come on!
Get up!, Get up!
let's go won't you follow me
Let's go won't you follow me now.(me now, me now.)x2

So tell me your secrets
and I'll sell you my soul
There's a shovel in my heart
and it's digging a hole.
The devil and the god in my head
are having breakfast in my brain
and it's driving me insane.


Won't someone follow me now


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