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Party up

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Party up (up 4x)
Refrén: Put your hands to the sky now Yeah, if you wanna get fived (party up)
We can do it all night now,yeah Turn the beat up high (party up)
More time for the ladies yeah and their fellas come on (party up)
We´re gonna go crazy,Uh Till the lights come on
1.sloka:I´ma be yawning,thing about last night when i strolled in
How me and her were just zonin´ And we danced all night til
the mornin´I was open ´casue she moved right And the DJ
kept that groove right Yeah doin´that dance you looked
so tight Yeah, you in a dress, it looked si nice You so fly,
we a fivin´Put a stop the pit stop Go a head, do your thing,
let the beat rock Spend a little time wanna se how You can
play it real cool but we hot hot Like we burnin´one fire To
have fun is my desire Straight up, but i ain´t no liar To the
top let´s take it higher (party up)
2.sloka:All night here we go now,come on,get right on the floor now Nah,Nah
baby girl,don´t slow down ´Cause me and you gonna have a showdown,uh
Let the mama get low down,and i´ma rap it up like this Be movin´and
groovin´ smooth, can´t lose with a flow that is so swift (party up) so
maybe when ya wake up,and your face still got that grin You can smile all
day in a fly real way and say yeah i´m that chick And maybe we can get
the DJ to play this track all night And when i ask, how you fell out there
Everybody say,all right! (party up)
Refrén 2x
(put your hands to the sky now 4x)
(put your hands to the sky now 7x)
Refrén 2x
(Party up, up, up, up)


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