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How to Pray

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They say we're not so free
My Solidarity
with everything you kill
all gone
now live again

Poisoned by the religions
so we drink to drain our hearts
false prophets of failure
lie in the distance
awaiting the day
when they tear you apart

I'm singing roar against them
‘roar against them like the sea’

You say I'm not so free
My Solidarity
Another Martyr's line
not mine to follow blind

For every clinic destroyed
and molested boy
and scripture recited
to poison our joy
you say redemption's
in the hands
of the church and state
think that'll bury me?
it’s not my fate

or my faith

So we won't fight for your God's wars
turn this key unlock the door

so what is sinful?
I reject the mask of me
Protect our lives and see
A Good Life's Lived
A Good Life's Lived
A Good Life
without your
false authority
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