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Moonshower and Razorblades

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dust of sanctuary breakdown
we're dying for something that has to be
luscious opposite of 'never'
aftertaste we know
i can be a tv screen
blurry and lost in velvet
aftertaste of oxygen
we will die again
delirious spazz
brand new level
destination nowhere
a little chunk of miracle

but who will keep your enemies underground

i try so hard
you can't take it anymore
i just wanna let you know
watch out
kisses soft like you've never felt
anytime before
but watch out

i crashed my car against the wall
punished gravity
liquid noise sweet honey ball
screaming silence says it all
last thin breath in the headphones above you
moon shower and razorblades
i'm the only one here
can we start again

so much to heal my dizzy girl
so much to fix my little dear
and no advice
shoot and kill time forever
what we saw is gone yes indeed
and deep and deep so deep
inside of us disease but you still wanna fade out
rapture you saw me kiss the ground
rapture you saw me screaming loud and walk away
i cannot have fun
baby drop the gun

i try so hard you can call me animal
i just wanna let you go
shut up
kisses soft like you never got
from anyone
what do you feel

punished gravity
screaming silence says it all
moon shower and razorblades
what is your last call
what do you feel like
now is your showtime
watch my ears bleed
beauty lies inside
you can even try now
try to believe in
the power of a gun
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